Renewable resources are the future not just because it has no carbonization and greenhouse effects, but also it can be used again and again as we are running out of the petroleum, oil, coal and natural gases. It is estimated that, within 50 years, most of the resources that Peer using will be gone and switching to renewable resources and considering Shale gas and natural gas would be the solution can now and in the future.

What is shale gas?

Shale gas and natural gas are similar and possess similar compositions, but the only difference is the location of the reservoir. Shale gas is trapped inside the microcracks of the crock ok, but the natural gas can be found in a vast number. Both are eco-friendly fossil fuels that help the planet to decarbonise.

shale gas

Shale is a clastic sedimentary rock that is finely grained and composed of mud which has massive minerals. The rock is so hard that it is tough to drill into it and is a costly process. The Shale gas will be hiding under this kind of rock deep below the surface in very minute cracks.

Pros and cons of Shale gas

Franking is one of the current methods used for natural gas extraction, which started in the 90s to solve the large consumption of natural gas in the US. The United States is the largest consumer of natural gas even though the country has not got enough reservoirs.

The most significant advantage of hydraulic fracturing is that the availability of reservoirs all around the world Is more, and delaying the process of extracting might cost when running out of fossil fuels.

As a higher amount of water is used, the extraction can cause a significant environmental impact which affects the habitat to collapse. The wastewater after the extraction can be hazardous for the environment.

The natural habitats can be destroyed because of the extraction process, and many lives in the forest and other natural environments might get destroyed. It might cause a massive problem in the near future and may be a reason for extinguishing many animals and birds.

Process of extraction

There are four types in extracting Shale gas:

●      Horizontal drilling

  • Vertical drilling
  • Acidizing
  • Hydraulic fracturing

The terms layers of Shale are the reason for shale gas extraction with hydraulic fracturing or acidising. The drilling starts, and the microearthquake is generated, with high streams of San, what, and break the formation of rocks.

Acidising is a process that happens most of the time while using the method of fracking. The acids that are being provided will dissolve The Rock and make way for the Shale gas to rise up in the streamline.


We have many different ways to have a greener future, and producing Shale gas is inevitable to keep the supply level to the level of demand. The consumption rate of energy is getting higher and higher every year, and thus the renewable resources are the solutions for these problems.

Overview on Shale gas

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