Fracrisk project

The objectives of FracRisk are to develop a knowledge base for understanding, preventing and mitigating the potential impact of the exploration and exploitation through frackin of significant shale gas reserves found throughout Europe, and to develop a decision support tool for risk quantification of the environmental impacts of the technology.

M4shalegas project

The M4ShaleGas project (Measuring, Monitoring, Mitigating, Managing the environmental impact of shale gas)
The consortium studies and evaluates potential risks and impacts of shale gas exploration and exploitation. The general objective is to develop science-based best practice recommendations for minimizing the environmental footprint of shale gas exploration and exploitation in Europe.

Shalexenvironment project

The SXT project 
T​he primary objective of the SXT project is to assess the environmental footprint of shale gas exploitation in Europe in terms of water usage and contamination, induced seismicity, and fugitive emissions. Using synergistically experiments and modeling activities, ShaleXenvironmenT will achieve its objective via a fundamental understanding of rock-fluid interactions, fluid transport, and fracture initiation and propagation, via technological innovations obtained in collaboration with industry, and via improvements on characterization tools.