SHEER First Annual Meeting
Naples, 7-9 June 2016
Palazzo Esedra, Piazzale Tecchio




June 7, 2016

1. Invited lecture: Grzegorz Pieńkowski (PGI - Polish Geological Institute) Unconventional hydrocarbons – the Polish experience in the European dimension
2. State of the project after the first year (P. Gasparini - AMRA)
WP3 - Monitoring of the Wysin site (Chair: S. Lasocky, IGF-PAS)
3. Overview of on-site monitoring operations (S. Lasocki, IGF-PAS)
4. GFZ contribution to WP3 (S. Cesca, GFZ)
5. Monitoring of groundwater condition (A. Gunning, RSKW Ltd)
6. Monitoring of air pollution 2015-2016 (J. Jaroslawski, IGF-PAS)

June 8, 2016

WP2 - Integration of SHEER data (Chair: B. Orlecka-Sikora, IGF-PAS)
Integration process difficulties
1. The SHEER database environment, data access (M.Staszek)
Type of data and information created during course of project
1. Wysin and Lubocino (M.Staszek, IGF-PAS)
2. Preese Hall and Beckingham (N. Cassidy - S. Toon, KeU)
3. The Geysers (M. Picozzi - A. Zollo, University of Napoli Federico II)
4. Groeningen Field (B. Dost, KNMI)
5. Gross Schoenebeck (D. Olszewska, IGF-PAS)
6. The Cooper Basin dataset: the 2003 injection experiment (S. Cesca, GFZ)
7. Satellite data (G. Solaro, AMRA)
8. Qualitative and quantitative summary of the present state of SHEER database with respect to the SHEER scientific objectives (B. Orlecka-Sikora, IGF-PAS)
9. Implementation of SHEER database to TCS AH (D. Olszewska, IGF-PAS)
10. Data Management Plan (S. Esposito, AMRA/B. Orlecka-Sikora, IGF-PAS)
WPs 4-5-6 - Induced seismicity, Assessment of groundwater chemistry and air quality impact
Induced seismicity (Chair: S. Cesca, GFZ)
1. Realistic synthetic datasets to proof the performance of monitoring and seismological analysis in hydraulic fracturing environments (J.A. Lopez Comino, GFZ)
2. IGF PAS activity in WP4 (S. Lasocki, IGF)
3. Parametric Modelling of Shale Gas Hydro-fracking (R. Westwood, KeU)
4. Fracture properties of fluid injection induced earthquakes at The Geysers geothermal field (A. Zollo, University of Napoli Federico II)
Assessment of groundwater chemistry (Chair: A. Gunning, RSKW Ltd)
5. Overview of WP5 objectives for groundwater, progress on deliverables, context and forward plan (A. Gunning, RSKW)
6. The Development of Conceptual models and hydrogeological risk assessment for shale oil & gas basins in Europe – WP5.1 (C. Isherwood, RSKW; N. Montcoudiol, GLA; A. Gunning, RSKW)
7. Initial results from the processing and analysis of baseline hydrogeological and hydrochemical data collected to date, WP 5.2 (N. Montcoudiol, GLA; C. Isherwood, RSKW)
Air quality impact (Chair: J. Jarosławski, IGF-PAS)
8. Results of air pollution measurements in the vicinity of Wysin site (J. Jarosławski, IGF-PAS)
Invited speech: Franco Terlizzese (MISE – Italian Ministry of Economic Development) - TBC
Recent regulations on monitoring of on-land and off-shore hydrocarbons activities in Italy
WP 7 - Multi hazard and multi risk analysis, vulnerability and economic issues (Chair: A. Garcia-Aristizabal, AMRA)
9. Framework for multi-hazard risk assessment of shale gas operations: Overview (A. Garcia-Aristizabal, AMRA)
10. Physical vulnerability and seismic risk associated with induced seismicity (title to be better defined) (S. Esposito, AMRA)
11. Identification of indicators for assessing socio-economic impacts (R. Russo, AMRA)

June 9, 2016

WP8 - Best practices and Dissemination (Chair: N. Cassidy, KeU)
Presentation by N. Cassidy (KeU) covering:
* Progress on dissemination and communication.
* Methods for stakeholder identification and engagement.
* Dissemination routes to the wider SHEER community - what works and what doesn't.
* What we need to do next to link in with the scientific and end-user community.
Findings of other H2020 projects
M4ShaleGas (J. ter Heege, TNO)
FRACRISK (C. McDermott, University of Edimburgh)