This WP is designed to oversee the administrative and financial management and to ensure financial and scientific/ technical coordination, project planning and evaluation of the project progress. Detailed objectives are:
- Coordination and monitoring of the work of the research teams;
- A clear and swift communication between the Project and the EC officers;
- An effective and wide circulation of the project information among the participants;
- The respect of scheduled dates;
- A proper and coordinated financial management;
- A link between issues related to the activities and the financial management;
- Management of disagreements and problems that could arise during the project;
- A proper preparation of the reports (technical, financial, etc.).
This Work-Package runs throughout the complete duration of the project.
The Objectives of the WP will be achieved through the following Tasks:

Task 1.1. Financial coordination (Task Leader: Alfonso Rossi Filangieri – AMRA)
All financial issues related to budget allocation; control of cost’s consistency; preparation of financial reports; audit reports; contacts with EC offices and representatives.

Task 1.2. Monitor deliverable, attainment of milestones, progress reporting (Task Leader: Paolo Gasparini – AMRA; KeU, IGF-PAS)
Optimization of liaison among partners, coordination of WP leaders, six-month reports of project progress from the WP leaders to the Project Office, preparation of intermediate and final technical reports. All the partners will contribute to the progress reports under the coordination of the respective WP leaders.

Task 1.3. Call and coordination of Project Meetings (Task Leader: Paolo Gasparini – AMRA; KeU, IGF-PAS)
Call and Coordination of:
1. PMT Meetings (normally twice a year);
2. Scientific Coordination Committee (SCC) (normally twice a year);
3. Project kick – off Meeting, Intermediate Project Meetings and the Final Meeting:
- General Assembly meetings (as scheduled in the Consortium Agreement)
- Advisory Board (AB) meetings and coordination