D1.1 Kick-off meeting report
D1.2 First year meeting and advisory board report
D1.3 Second year meeting and advisory board report

D2.1 Test-bed of SHEER “smart” database*
D2.2 Report on data availability, data comprehensiveness and Metadata
D2.3 The data management plan

D3.1 A plan of monitoring campaign agreed with the Operator (PGNiG)*
D3.2 Report on monitoring of background levels of seismicity, water condition and air pollution*
D3.3 Methodology of integrated monitoring the environmental impact of shale gas exploration/exploitation*
D3.4 Report on monitoring of the seismic response to shale gas exploration/exploitation and impact on water and air conditions*

D4.1 Report on efficient monitoring setup and analysis algorithms for shale gas operations
D4.2 Report on modeling the probability distribution use in seismic hazard analysis
D4.3 Report on the assessment of the response of induced seismic process to operational parameter
D4.4 Report on modelling of fracture processes and fluid migration
D4.5 Report on the estimation of seismic hazard related to shale gas operation

D5.1 Hydrogeological models to assess the potential for groundwater impairment for a selected ‘shale analog’ site
D5.2 Impact of well construction and fracture stimulation on baseline hydrogeological conditions and on drinking water aquifers
D5.3 High level conceptual models for each shale analog site for the determination of the potential impacts on groundwater resources

D6.1 Determination of background level of pollutants
D6.2 Methodology of identification of air pollution episodes and their origin
D6.3 Assessment of fulfilling the air quality criteria

D7.1 Framework for holistic multi-risk assessment of shale gas operations: (1) Methods for identifying and structuring scenarios
D7.2 Framework for holistic multi-risk assessment of shale gas operations: (2) Probabilistic framework
D7.3 Multi-risk assessment in a test case
D7.4 Comparative analysis of the impacts of shale gas operations and the impacts of conventional gas and oil sources

D8.1 Project Web site
D8.2 Guidelines for the monitoring of shale gas exploration and exploitation induced environmental impacts
D8.3 Guidelines for risk management of shale gas exploration and exploitation
D8.4 Dissemination plan and guidelines for SHEER reports
D8.5 Web services development and sustainability

* Deliverable successfully submitted but confidential.